Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Lately, Addie has decided she doesn't need a nap. She would rather conduct a "class at My Gym" with her friends in her bed, than sleep. Here's a pic of what her bed looked like two hours into 
what used to be naptime.

Lately, Carlie wants a sucker (aka: "ball") after every meal and is not camera shy in the least!

Lately, the girls have been into art and can actually do this together without much fussing. This is especially true, when it's on the wall! No more pictures of our wall now though, as a purple crayon left a pretty big mark!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I hope you guys had as great of a weekend as we did! We actually had a babysitter last night, so we went out on the town with friends to watch the game! My sweet friend gave me this maternity shirt yesterday ~ perfect for game day! Go Gamecocks!! We spent this morning enjoying one of the most convicting sermons at church I have heard in a while, about fearing the Lord and how He commands us to serve others. Brad and I both walked out of the church feeling empowered.....different.....energized. Amazing. Hmmmm, what else? Oh, did I mention that I went to my most favorite consignment sale....ahemmm.....TWICE this weekend for the 1/2 price days? Oh yes I did!  By the way- I'm 25 weeks preggers in this picture and still going strong! Ok...back to the weekend: After naps today, we took the girls to Barnes and Nobles to play in the kids area and Brad is now playing basketball at the church. I'm winding down, preparing for a new week. I have two Thirty-One parties, so let's all say our prayers for two great nights with friends! God is so good. He is right here with us and gives us everything we need. He prepares us fully for every task, at every given moment. He holds us in the palm of His hand. WOW! Have a great week! 

Friday, September 16, 2011


This is a RANDOM post! Painting with daddy, Carolina football with friends, Daddy's birthday, and Addie's celebration at her favorite mexican place! We sure have been playing a
 lot around here!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Look Who Turned 3!!!!


Addie had a wonderful Winnie the Pooh party at the park, for her third birthday! Ever since she saw the movie at the theater (her first movie!), she has asked about having this party! We had a wonderful morning with friends and family. Lots of swinging, sliding, cupcake eating, and gift opening. Addie, you are a joy. A light to so many people and we loved every second of your sweet party! We all love you so much!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

In Loving Memory

Last night, I faced one of the most difficult and heart breaking decisions of my life. My sweet and loyal Millie became tired, and we had a big decision on our hands. Back in 2001, while in Graduate School at USC, I got a wild hair one day and decided that I needed a dog! I walked into the Humane Society in Columbia, locked eyes with little 5 year old Millie, and that was it. I knew nothing about her, but I knew I loved her instantly. She was mine and we spent the next ten years together. Millie  has been healthy all of her life. She never barked, didn't bite, and  remained by my side year after year. She was a treasure, for sure. Last year, sweet Millie was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and progressively, her health declined from that point, on. Last night, after many phone calls to the vet, lots of tears, and a painful 24 hours of watching her suffer, Brad and I made the decision that it was time for Millie to run in Heaven. We were by her side through the very short and peaceful process, and I am so thankful for that time. Before she passed away, my sweet Brad asked if I wanted to say a prayer together, so we did. I am so thankful for rock, for sure. 

God is amazing. His grace shines through at perfect times and He is forever faithful. Before we left the house, Addie had obviously noticed how upset mommy had been. I didn't want to hide my grief from her, as we strive to teach our children to feel all emotions that God has blessed them with. She and I talked about Heaven and how Millie would not be with us in the morning, but rather she would be in Heaven playing with other animals having a great time. We talked about how she would see Jesus. Addie cried, and hugged me in a way that I have never seen. I believe this was her first glimpse of understanding life and death, and although it broke my heart to see her sad, it was a wonderful lesson about God's faithfulness when we leave this earth. 

Earlier in the night, when Brad was playing with Addie and Carlie and I was on the phone with our vet, Addie ran to get her bible, flung it open  and exclaimed, "LOOK!". Brad looked at the page, and realized she had turned to the EXACT verse we had talked about in Sunday School yesterday about Paul's suffering. It was the same book of the bible (2 Corinthians) that holds my most favorite verse: "My grace is sufficient. My power is made perfect in weakness". We were floored. Out of all the pages, why those? Why did she get her bible in that moment? We know why. One word:  God. There He was....right there, with us, showing us His grace and mercy through our own child. Thanks be to God! 

In LOVING memory of a dear friend, my sweet Millie. We love you and we will see you one day running and wagging that cute tail in Heaven!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Addie is THREE today!!! She woke up to balloons, pancakes and whip cream, and her best friend Kaitlyn! We love you so much Addie and can't wait until your Winnie the Pooh party tomorrow at the park!