Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Summer in our house has officially begun, and
we're pretty excited!

(Times are few and far between that Addie isn't dressed up in something!)

We met some friends at Yumilicious today for yogurt, and well, it's.....yumilicious!

Carlie kicked off our Perkins' summer with a walk across the den! GO CARLIE!

This is exactly how Addie spent her morning ~ dressed to the nines! She wore this to the vet's office today, to pick up Millie. Dr. Griffin was most impressed! 

Ahhhhh, Memorial Day ~ spent outside with sprinklers, the water table, and the grill!

And finally, Miss Addie's swim lessons have been a HUGE success already! Day #2 of six lessons total, she has managed to learn to kick, blow bubbles, and.....(drum roll)........GO UNDER WATER!! She was so courageous today in the pool.
 I was one proud mommy!

Up Our Sleeve

Remember this post, where I told you that we had "a few things up our sleeve" for Addie this summer? Well, here ya go.....more on this little adventure in my next post!

ps) Addie had a pretty cute, little lifeguard cheering her on, on the side, don't ya think? I must say that MANY snacks made the "waiting" a little easier!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Beach- Memorial Day Weekend!

We had an AWESOME trip to Hilton Head this past weekend. The girls loved the beach and let me assure you.....we played HARD in that sand and sun!! Here are a few pics from our trip!

Just a reminder that we took all THREE of our babies
on this trip!!
(in my 10th week of pregnancy)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Week Before Summer Begins (as far as Preschool is concerned)!

We are getting excited about the summer quickly approaching. We have a few things up our sleeve for Miss Addie, as preschool comes to an end tommorrow. But, first things first. Today, we had a wonderfully, BUSY day including a trip to Publix, Target at Harbison (and lunch in their snack bar), and the mall with daddy. We are off to the beach tommorrow for the weekend, but will be back on Monday with lots of new pictures in the sand!

Here are a few pics from today and some precious pictures from Addie's end-of-the-year party at school!

Our caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly this year in preschool. We have had an amazing year in Mrs. Clarice's 2 year old class! Luckily for Addie, she gets to repeat this class again next year with Mrs. Clarice! Addie's birthday is September 2nd (1 day from the cut-off) and after much discussion with people we respect in this profession, we agree that there is no need to "push" her through, as she would be the youngest in class. She is so smart and such a quick learner. We desire her to take a true leadership role in whatever schooling we pursue and feel that one more year of maturity will set her up for success. Thanks Mrs. Clarice for EVERYTHING this year!

Monday, May 23, 2011

High Five

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ridin' in Style

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride. Addie was thrilled to finally ride the "big bike" with both mommy and daddy today. I'd love to tell you that Carlie loved our new child's seat as much as Addie, but that's not exactly true. In fact, Carlie was screaming so loud in the driveway when we were putting the helmet on her, that our neighbor's walked over to see what was going on (and to bring me a magazine!). Hopefully, she'll warm up to the helmet because the Perkin's rule is: No helmet = No bike ride. Addie on the other hand, is sitting beside me as I type this post, wearing her helmet on the couch with her pajama's on. She may sleep with it tonight....